Life And Times Of Me
Hello to the few that may come across my tumbler, Its without a real main purpose other than as an outlet for myself, and it will suffice as so on my toughts about everything I guess. @:^)
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M.I.A.’s banging new video Bring the Noize from her upcoming album Matangi

WIth the pink hair damnnnnn

The Smiths are really getting stuck in my head nowadays

Im a huge fan of Darwin Deez, Eletric Guest are backing them up on tour, never listened to them until but definitely worth checking out.

On the mind all the time

Right now if my mind were twitter “Death” would be one of the top trending topics all the time these days. Maybe its because I’ve increasing found more and more things to live for or the focus I’ve given the death that is all around us all the time but we dont pay attention too. I’ve never been directly effected by death and nor do I but its an inevitable course of life. That may be why its on my mind all the time it cant be stopped and you generally dont know when its coming, Blam!!!!! then your a lifeless corpse. My dad died when I was like a toddler so I never even knew him but it use to tear me up emotionally, I didnt even know the guy, it was emotionally debilitating with out even memory, so pretty much id rather die old but also first amongst all my family and friends, but how likely is that…

The Romanovs are a great band ive gotten addicted to quite a bit in the last couple of months, the lead singer has lent her vocals to M83 which is another group I like a lot. Her ghastly vocals along with the classical music make for a wonderful combination.

The Amazingly Complicated Lives We Live…

Not like its a surprise to to anyone but the actual act of life is a tumultuous hurricane  from the moment of inception to the point of death. Being born and dying are the easiest things that will occur throughout your lifetime in my opinion, even though the fact of your exact birth is a battle among hundreds or thousands of other sperm. When I stand back and look at my life up until this point even though it hasn’t been long being nineteen years old, it has been an uphill battle in which not all people survive no matter; class, race, sex, or creed. That’s something I’ve realized though many appear to have things easy or handed to them and some point whether you want it or not, your gonna be placed in the driving seat of your life in which you’ll hopefully be able to reach the finish line, but some frankly run out of gas or crash in a burning fury.

My musically upload of the day is The Weeknd, if you haven’t heard his music yet shame on you because it’s simply amazing, listen to the House of Balloons mixtape of his and it’ll be all the music you need for a long time.

Girlfriend says I look like Levar Burton, frankly I would be honored to look like Mr.Burton, The Reading Rainbow was such a great part of my childhood too bad they don’t have shows as good as that around now.

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