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Hello to the few that may come across my tumbler, Its without a real main purpose other than as an outlet for myself, and it will suffice as so on my toughts about everything I guess. @:^)
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Forgot I did this Saturday night I end it with a nice little freestyle

If my kids place me in a retirement home, IT MUST HAVE occurrences like this weekly!!! and i’d be alright with it.

Patrice O’Neal

I’ve learned so much from patrice oneals podcasts before his death,on his theories on men and women relations. It’s been very eye opening and thought inducing.

"I wish I had a father
Maybe then I would’ve turned out right

And now I’m just crazy, I’m totally mad
Yeah, I’m just crazy, and fucked in the head”


Part 6/?

Part 5: x

That just changed my life

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Why is this so amusing?

This is the funniest thing ever omg

Damn I’ve been doing earthworm style wrong this whole time, disappointing

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