Life And Times Of Me
Hello to the few that may come across my tumbler, Its without a real main purpose other than as an outlet for myself, and it will suffice as so on my toughts about everything I guess. @:^)
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Im a huge fan of Darwin Deez, Eletric Guest are backing them up on tour, never listened to them until but definitely worth checking out.

The Romanovs are a great band ive gotten addicted to quite a bit in the last couple of months, the lead singer has lent her vocals to M83 which is another group I like a lot. Her ghastly vocals along with the classical music make for a wonderful combination.

Haven’t posted anything in a while sadly and seriously haven’t posted any music i’ve been listening too so i’ll recommend Dandi Wind, if you like trippy, weird, cool, addictive, music with an awesome female lead then this is for you.

Quite frankly SBTKRT is one of my favorite music acts right now, the music is spacey and inclusive to your aura, highly recommended by me.

My musical styling of the day is brought today by the cool indie band Real Estate, ended up falling asleep today listening to their album on the shuttle home today from class, it was awesome.

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